Online business in Pakistan

How to Start Online Business in Pakistan

Online business in Pakistan

Online Business in Pakistan

Online business have become a hot topic in Pakistan. Today the Digital World is evolving very fast and Pakistan have many talented peoples who have such great skills also we can even learn some easy skills in a short period of time and start working but the problem is no proper guidance on where to begin from? Every day We Scroll through the Internet, Social Media & YouTube searching.

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 Well the point of telling all of this is not targeting anyone there are many peoples who puts dedication in it and provide useful and informative content for the people of Pakistan number of peoples are daily working to provide information specially to our youth so here is our attempt to provide you all with some useful information and hope you all start doing what you are looking for so you all don’t get demotivated because every person time Is precious put in 1 hour daily doing something productive instead of scrolling the internet taking one step closer towards your goals everyday and one day you will wake up realizing you made it seeing your success In front of yourself because you put your heart and soul in it to achieve your goals. 

Well Let’s start, shall we?

 Here are 8 business ideas with Complete beginner’s guide to get you started according to your interest in إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎, 
  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Photo Editing
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. Drop Shipping
  5. Web Development
  6. YouTube
  7. Social Media Management
  8. Drop Servicing
  • Freelance Writing:

    Freelance writing is easiest skill to in my opinion if you think your English and grammar is good this is the skill for you to start working and earn. To begin with content writing I would recommend starting from Fiverr and Facebook Groups are also a great source for getting contracts when you feel like you have build your market through this start getting your clients out of the platform and start dealing with the directly according to your terms and condition for example a tip I would recommend every time you finish your order for your client and he/she is satisfied and happy give him your personal contact details like dealing through Facebook & WhatsApp to stay in touch with them offer a deal or a small discount for the future order the words will spread this way and you will start building your market outside and dealing your clients yourself however you want. While working offer your services to your friends and family members too for example I keep hearing from many freelance writers they receive orders like doing university assignments school/college homework which is easy to do as a side task with your main task you must have been through this situation at least once “Yaar ya Assignment samaj nahi ah raha tu kardaga and bribing you through something to do it” Most important thing to learn while working as a freelancer is to learn to say “No” Say No it’s your skill and respect your skill there is nothing wrong to ask for a price for your service because you put your hard work in it.
Finally, now when you have come to intermediate level of freelance writing it’s time to go one step ahead finally now start approaching big brands, Companies, Banks and Industries learn to do copy writing. Writing Professional Documents writing CV presentations writing articles, blogs & writing content for international companies trust me when you will reach to this level you will be earning in millions. A single import document writing for big company offers even Rs 1,00,000PKR per document lastly interesting fact about content writing you charge according to numbers of words in the content. Sounds motivating right? So, let’s start earning now. 
  • Photo Editing:

    Photo Editing is yet another easy skill to learn and start working simply which means taking contracts from individual clients, photographers, different companies or studios editing the pictures delivering it them and earn money today many photographers and peoples etc. Are always looking for freelance editors to work for them as they work in a bulk quantity so they need editors to edit their content. By simply learning Adobe Light Room & Adobe Photoshop you can start working as a Photo Editor and earn.
  • Graphic Designing:

    Graphic designing is a very big industry to start working and growing everyday in Pakistan if you can learn this skill and build your market trust me you can earn so much that you can live rest of your life with all the luxuries. Being a graphic designer types of work you can do are for example Logo designing, Banner designing, Letterhead, Business card designing basically your work is to build the identity of the company or client your working for again Fiverr is the best source to begin from and also Facebook Groups.
  • Drop Shipping:

    Drop shipping has become a hot topic today in our youth and everyone wanting to start their drop shipping business many succeed but mostly are confused and stuck at some point and cannot figure out the solution well today I will provide you a complete guide for it through which you can successfully start your drop shipping business in Pakistan.First of all, what is Drop shipping?

What Is Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Basically, what this means is you work as a middle man you take order forward it to the vendor/whole seller get It completed receive it from the vendor/ whole seller and deliver it to the customer.

How to start your drop shipping business?

Complete step by step guide:

  • Building your store website
  • Signing up for Drop shipping Program/Finding a supplier
  • Choosing your niche
  • Marketing your drop shipping business
  1. Building Your Store Website:

    The first and most important thing to get started is to build your store website but not just any website an attractive website which attracts the customer remember one thing if your website is not good enough and not user friendly your customers will get bored and lose interest so make sure to build an awesome website, you’ll be needing a logo for your drops shipping business brand name you can get it developed from me feel free to contact us anytime. I will recommend for beginners to start with WordPress for their very first website as it is very easy to manage and many useful things it provides specifically for e-commerce store.

Few Steps to build your website:

  1. Purchasing Domain & Hosting
  2. Setting up your emails
  3. cPanel setup and installing WordPress
  4. Setting up WordPress & Installing Plugins
  5. Building your website
  6. Integrating Payment Gateway
  7. Indexing your website on google
  1. Purchasing Domain & Hosting:

    First of all you need a domain name & web hosting. What is a Domain name? it your brand name link of your website “” and Web Hosting is what host your domain on the internet basically what runs your website. I recommend purchasing your domain name & hosting from namecheap as they offer the best budget and cheap web hosting but with lightning fast servers and amazing customer support do not go for local web hosting, I repeat DO NOT GO FOR ANY LOCAL WEB HOSTING SERVICE. You will even find web hosting for Rs99.0Pkr monthly which is not truly 99 rupees actually when you’ll sign up it will add tax and service charges and also renewal charges will be more also when you compare to international hosting for a year subscription it will expensive for yearly instead you can get international web hosting a lot cheaper for a year. Also, you will be getting a lot international traffic on your website so choosing international server is the best option.
  1. Setting up your Email:

After you purchase your domain and web hosting login into your cPanel and make your official email like namecheap give you 35 email accounts with your web hosting and also free 2 months subscription of namecheap Managed Email Panel. Well sounds a bit confusing right? How can you do it? When you will login into your cPanel type in email in the search at the top there will be an option for email accounts open that select add email and make your email. 
  1. cPanel setup & installing WordPress:

    cPanel is basically the control panel of your website the backend of the website from where you setup your domain, ssl, install WordPress, access your database, manage and check your emails, adding more domains, backing up your website and basically all the technical and backend stuff for your website I would suggest being a beginner do not make any changes without knowing most of the things are setup automatically by your web hosting for example namecheap automatically install and setup the SSL on your domain you don’t have to manually setup it. One important thing you will be needing is installing WordPress. Scroll down at the bottom you will see a heading “Softaculous Apps Installer” under it there will option WordPress click on it fill out the information required and install WordPress great work you have usefully installed WordPress. Remember to save the password for your WordPress login.
  2. Setting up WordPress & Installing Plugins:

    setting up WordPress is quick and easy as WordPress is the easiest interface for the beginners to built their websites. First of all, go to the settings menu at the bottom change permalinks to post names then go to the user menu re check all your information and correct it if you find something missing. Now installing some important plugins. Go to the plugins section in the sidebar menu, add new plugins search for Elementor install and active it. Rest of the plugins you will be needing to install are Woo Commerce, WP Fastest Cache, WP Forms and Yoast SEO. Make sure you activate all the plugins. Now lastly you can either go to the appearance section click on themes install and active a theme of your choices WordPress offers 100’s of 1000’s free and paid themes. My recommendation for beginners who don’t have a budget to purchase a theme is choosing Astra it’s a free and easy to use theme. Also those who wants a better and a theme which have more features and great for an e-commerce/drop shipping website my recommendation is Flatsome Theme.
  3. Building your website:

    Getting started with building your website. Do some research first by going on the internet checking few e-commerce websites designs to get ideas for your website write down any important or useful information you see. Let’s get started now may ways to start building some of them which I recommend is using Elementor, if you are using a free theme like Astra it comes with many started sites templates see if any of it suits, you’re needs and edit it using Elementor, Elementor is a drag & drop website builder comes with many great features. If you are using the Flatsome theme it comes with many beautiful pre-built e-commerce websites templates or you can contact us. Feel free to get in touch with us at @digitaloclock anytime if you wanting your website developed and we will take care of everything setting up, building your website SEO optimization and everything.
  4. Integrating Payment Gateway:

    What Is a Payment Gateway? A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses or website.Basically what this means is through this you can accepts credit cards on your website for secure money transferring. Some of the Payment Gateways which I recommend: 1) HBL Bank Payment Gateway

     2) UBL Bank Payment Gateway 3) Jazz Cash 4) Easy Paisa 5) 2Checkout 6) Skrill

These are some great and Globally Used Payment Gateways. 

7.Indexing your website on google:

Indexing means that Google is aware of your website. It doesn’t mean they’re going to rank it for any relevant and worthwhile queries. That’s where SEO comes in—the art of optimizing your web pages to rank. So basically, indexing and connecting it search console is very important. 

Hooray your Website Is Complete and ready to start Working.

But Wait!

Still we need to setup a few things to start drop shipping we just build our website yet.


Signing up for Drop shipping Program/Finding a supplierSome of the best Drop Shipping Programs are:
  • Spocket
  • AliExpress
  • SaleHoo
  • Doba
  • Wholesale2B
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Wholesale Central
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • MegaGoods
  • InventorySource
  • National Dropshippers

Choosing your niche:

When starting a drop shipping business most common mistake beginners make is listing all the products to sell thinking the more products, they will have the more sells they will make which is completely wrong marketing so many products all together is impossible. So, the best way to get started is selecting one or two products to sell market them telling peoples about your business. For example, some easy and most selling products to start with are custom phone cases, phone accessories and custom printed t-shirts after you successfully build your market and made sells you can continue and add more products to your website. 

Marketing your drop shipping business:

Some of the best ways which I recommend for marketing your business is Facebook, Instagram, Paid Advertisement, Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).After successfully completing all the steps mention above you will no doubt have a successful running drop shipping business.  

5.Web Development Business:

A website building business is a great business. Skills you will be needing for this is learning Html, CSS & JavaScript if you have knowledge of this this business is for you. For the beginners my recommendation is starting with WordPress because WordPress powers 35.2% of the websites on the internet and it is the best platform for beginners to start building website having the easiest user interface but learning Html, CSS & JavaScript is still very complete to call yourself a professional web developer you must know these skills YouTube is the best way to start learning also. To begin your website business again Fiverr or Upwork is the best platform to start with also join some Facebook groups every day peoples are looking for freelance web developers to work for them. 
  1. YouTube

    If you think you are good at producing visual content then this is best for you if you can engage your audience with interesting topics to Vlog about, making sit down videos, Reviewing Products, Beauty Blogging or Blogging about your favorite niche. YouTube is basically a business which means getting paid for what you love and have all the information about it. Something which no one can do better then you and engage your audience by providing useful information about it. Blogs, Reviews, Tutorials through which you can influence teach or someone can learn something through it people will like your content then. Make sure you don not upload pointless or fake/scam content like I said in the starting having all those dollars in the thumbnail and clickbait. Well okay enough with dollars let’s continue a lot of people ask questions how can we make money through YouTube how it all works? Well the answer for that your YouTube earnings depends upon the number of views you are getting on your video not the subscribers but the views. If your content is monetization successfully congratulation you have started making money. Another way to increase your earnings is subscribing to Google AdSense have you see all those ads in between something you are watching those are ads from google every time google runs an ad on your video hooray you make money. One more way through which you can increase your YouTube earnings is getting sponsorships or reviewing products basically advertising about a brand telling about a product they will give you money or a free product to review. Lastly remember one more thing always select your niche while being a YouTuber you heard right “YouTuber” I wonder how many times this word makes all of us excited watching all those videos and thinking about owning luxury cars and houses. you all can achieve that too all those peoples have put in years of hard work in their content and worked on YouTube as a full-time job and have produced amazing content.
  2. Social Media Manager.

    Social media managers are responsible for representing an organization/brand across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns and make content. These specialists provide organizations with the direction needed to improve their online presence.With clear objectives like: “improve site traffic” social media managers grows your business through social networks, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 10 years back, this job was non-existent. Presently, more organizations grasp social media for client acquisition, and social media is often essential.If you can make interesting content and help an organization/brand with better engaging with their audience and you think you are that Instagram pro with the knowledge of perfect Hashtags for every post this business is for you.
  3. Drop Servicing: What is Drop Servicing? You find clients who need a service, but these clients don’t know that you are hiring, or outsourcing, the services they asked you to do. Basically, you work as a middle man you take contract get it done and give it to your clients keeping your profit on it. For example, someone needs a business card developed you find a business card designer for 800 rupees get it done and give it to your client for 1000 rupees.Let’s Keep this short and simple shell we?Make your website through WordPress add a Payment Gateway to it put ads of your service whatever you are offering get contracts/orders get it done from Fiverr, Upwork and in wholesale rates and send it to your client accept payment online through your website and hooray you’re done you made money that’s all.

These are the 8 business ideas what you can start from your home with little to no investment. Hopefully you all succussed in whatever business you start إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎,


For any questions or information you need or if you are confused with something feel free to get in touch with us at @digitaloclock anytime we would always love to help you all and guide you through your process of starting a online business of your choice or becoming a freelancer and specially for the young generation of our country who wanting to work online can always contact me at Instagram: @digitaloclock

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